All about Artist Managers: listen to Episode 2 of Pintsized podcast by The Unsigned Guide!

News: 22nd September 2020 by Stef Loukes under Artist Managers

Episode 2 of our Pintsized podcast is here to quench your thirst, and this time we’re covering everything you need to know about Artist Managers.

If you’ve ever wondered at what stage in your career you should be looking for representation, how to go about finding a reputable music manager, and what qualities you should be looking for in a good one, then this episode should answer all your questions. We’ll also discuss what a manager does, and run through some pointers you might want to consider if you’re pondering whether you need a manager right now or not.

Our Pintsized podcast will only take up 10 minutes of your precious time, but don’t be fooled - it’s still jam packed with easily digestible nuggets of advice and is a sure bet to help any independent, emerging band or musician navigate the industry.

If you missed Episode 1, which was all about Emailing the Music Industry then catch up now!

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Episode 2 of The Unsigned Guide Pintsized podcast covers artist managers


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