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"It’s helped us to reach out to loads of radio stations, online blogs and booking agencies that perhaps we wouldn’t have otherwise had access to."

The Franklys

"It's a really great service, we'd definitely recommend it to any unsigned bands. It's been extremely useful for festival applications. Everything's easy to find and self-explanatory."

Delta Mainline

"The information and opportunities that The Unsigned Guide provides has been absolutely invaluable to me as a self-managed, independent artist. I see the Guide as an integral aspect to my career in terms of resources and contacts."

Grace Savage

"It's a really transparent source of information which in my experience is pretty uncommon in music. It's empowering, and that's fantastic."

Poisonous Birds

"I’ve played over 300 shows and The Unsigned Guide has been a constant source to help us establish new contacts. It’s a priceless tool."


"Your site is completely invaluable for up and coming artists. Personally, I've had so much radio play/blogs/interviews through The Unsigned Guide and learnt a huge amount... I owe so much to you, as I imagine thousands of other artists do also!"

Emi McDade

"We've used The Unsigned Guide since the band started, it's got us reviews, gigs, contacts and taught us most of the stuff we know about 'the biz'. Every band we know either uses it or has at least heard of it. It's the swiss army knife every band should have in their pocket."

Sky Valley Mistress

"The Unsigned Guide has been an incredible tool. It has helped me so much in planning shows and tours. Having all the information in one place really takes the stress out of finding it all on your own. As an independent artist it really helps and acts as a great guide. it’s almost ridiculous not to use or have. I recommend it to others quite a lot."


"A friend had recommended it to us about a year ago and since then we've constantly been using it with promotion/booking and anything else that we find helpful along the way. It's such a great platform for independent artists such as ourselves to use and we have recommended it to many of our friends in the same position."

Loud Mountains