SoundExchange provide 'New Artist Checklist' for upcoming bands

News: 4th May 2010 by Stef Loukes under Artist Managers

So, you've started a band, written a handful of cracking tunes and you're wondering where you go from here. Aside from using The Unsigned Guide to find 100s of venues, promoters and festival contacts to get your music heard live, there are other hints and tips that need to be known and understood to help you move in a more serious direction., a US non-profit performance rights organisation - has provided a checklist of things to do as a new artist, ranging from registering copyrights, arranging distribution, joining up with national organisations such as Musicians' Union or PPL, buying a domain name as well as social media pages up to the more serious and time consuming formation of a company to host all your music, merchandising and publishing.

Now, this is a list that not everybody will agree with - but it's safe to say that if all these elements were focused on correctly and as part of a big 'plan' - there's a good chance you'll be doing OK.

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