ISM Trust to host series of free future-focused webinars for music professionals

News: 4th August 2021 by Stef Loukes under Creative & Branding, Recording & Production

In an exciting new partnership with, the ISM Trust is hosting a series of free future-focused webinars for music professionals this summer.

Over 4 sessions, panels of industry experts will discuss current issues for musicians, and then explore how we might find solutions, focusing on tools, skills and strategies to help music creators succeed.

Details of all 4 sessions are below, with links to sign up for free.

ISMxDelic Session 1: How technology can aid creativity
You can now watch back this session which explores how musicians can maximise their creative output and use technology to their advantage when performing and composing. With Vic Galloway (BBC), Ana Betancourt (Black Goblin Audio), John Maxwell Hobbs (Delic), Mark Coniglio (Isadora) and musician Bishi. Watch back for free.

ISMxDelic​Session 2: Using merchandise to diversify your revenue
From t-shirts to guitar picks, options for merchandise can seem endless. This webinar will help musicians to create engaging and sustainable products, as well as increase sales. Join Vic Galloway (BBC), John Maxwell Hobbs (Delic), Kellie Dalton (The Right Project), Tersha Willis (Terrible Merch) and Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle) on 24 August, 6-7pm. Sign up for free.

ISMxDelic Session: 3. An interdependent future: Why collaboration is key
This free webinar will introduce pioneering new tools to help artists collaborate, and examine the role that the traditional world of labels and distributors might play in an interdependent future. Join Vic Galloway (BBC), Mat Dryhurst (Interdependence), Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin LLP and Eleven Advisory), Ed Stack (Delic) and Vick Bain (the F-List) on Thursday 9 September 6-7pm. Sign up for free.

ISMxDelic Session: 4. How to make money from your music
Looking beyond streaming and live gigs, this free webinar will explore how musicians and music creators can make money from their music, including publishing, session work, sponsorship and merchandise. On Thursday 23 September 6-7pm, join Vic Galloway (BBC), Sandra Croft (CD Baby), John Maxwell Hobbs (Delic), Mike Burgess (ISM) and Gee Linford Grayson (Patreon). Sign up for free.

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ISM Trust and to host free webinars for musicians and music professionals


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