Streaming investigation results in UK Parliament calling for 'complete reset'

News: 23rd July 2021 by Stef Loukes under Finance, Law & Music Business, Selling & Distributing Your Music

Lately streaming has been under the microscope in the UK with a 9 month investigation carried out by the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee who have heard from streaming platforms, record labels and the artists themselves to uncover how revenue is shared out.

In short, the DCMS has concluded that "artists and songwriters in the main have not benefited from the streaming boom, in no small part because of how record deals are structured and interpreted, the way streaming monies are split between the song rights and the recording rights, and the dominance of the majors."

Of course, we hope the reports findings will lead to action and restructure taking place, but for now it has been 
passed onto the UK Government who have 2 months to respond. 

For more details, check out CMU's coverage of the investigation and report via the links below...

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UK Parliament agrees that music streaming industry needs to be made fairer


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