45% of musicians not covered by Government's Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

News: 17th June 2020 by Stef Loukes under Artist Managers, Creative & Branding, Finance, Law & Music Business, Live, Media, Music Publishing, Music Training & Careers, Record Labels, Recording & Production, Selling & Distributing Your Music

Although the UK government plans to launch a second round of SEISS grants in August to extend support to self employed workers during Covid-19, there are still a large number of self employed people falling through the cracks of eligibility for these grants. 

The Musicians' Union has reported that 45% of UK musicians are not currently covered by SEISS, and is urging that we Write to Rishi, as well as local MPs to apply pressure to ensure that there is #NoCreativeLeftBehind

Please take a look at the link below which contains more detail in what the government needs to address so musicians are fully supported, plus template letters you can send.

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The Musicians Union urges us to Write To Rishi to ensure #NoCreativeLeftBehind


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