From Master to Market! Analogue Mastering Services and Plus Music PR launch competition for bands & artists

News: 19th March 2020 by Louise Dodgson under Media, Recording & Production, Selling & Distributing Your Music

In light of recent events with Covid-19 in which we have seen a raft of gig cancellations and festivals being pulled, the release of music is more important than ever. Plus Music PR and Analogue Mastering Services are joining forces to offer one artist a free master and marketing campaign for their single. This collaboration will see one artist receive a free master of their next single, as well as a free press and independent Spotify playlist campaign.

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Plus Music PR 

Founded in 2018, Plus Music PR offers transparent and cost-effective PR solutions for artists. Pitching your music to music writers, bloggers, playlist curators on an international scale, Plus Music PR are all about getting your music beyond your usual social circles and into the ears of future fans. Plus Music PR’s founder, Lewis Abbott, has gone from working on promotional campaigns for friends to working alongside major labels and artists with millions of streams.

 A case study can be downloaded via the website.

 Analogue Mastering Services
Analogue Mastering Services was founded by Danny Thomas, a professional recording, mixing and mastering engineer, as a result of an experienced 'grey area' among artists and clients regarding the mastering process. He discovered that musicians either pay huge sums of money to mastering houses for processing, or they disregard the final process and use online- algorithm based services to level their music. With over 10 years of experience in the mastering field we will guarantee that a real human will use the skills they've gained and trained ears to treat your audio in an acoustically controlled environment with the highest grade of equipment, and provide the extremely important final process staging before commercial release.


Click here for their case study.

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Plus Music PR and Analogue Music Mastering run competition aimed at emerging bands and artists


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