UPDATED: Music organisations offer guidelines about COVID-19

News: 19th March 2020 by Louise Dodgson under Artist Managers, Creative & Branding, Finance, Law & Music Business, Live, Media, Music Publishing, Music Training & Careers, Record Labels, Recording & Production, Selling & Distributing Your Music


During these uncertain times, several music organisations have issued advice for musicians and professionals working in the industry. From the latest updates on COVID-19 and hygiene precautions to take, to mental health support, information on travel and income, you should be able to keep informed of everything you need to be aware of.

ISM also have some great advice for performers on live streaming, hosting online gigs, and more.

Check out the links below from Musicians' Union, Help Musicians UK, UK Music and Incorporated Society of Musicians...

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Musicians Union, Help Musicians UK and Incorporated Society of Musicians offer advice and support amid COVID-19


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