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News: 20th November 2019 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Selling & Distributing Your Music

AIM (The Association of Independent Music) has launched a groundbreaking new report in partnership with CMU Insights that will provide a benchmark study of the music distribution market and demystify the 21st century digital music supply chain.

‘Distribution Revolution’ is the first industry report to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the modern distribution landscape. It explores how the role of the music distributor has evolved over the last two decades as distribution businesses have diversified the ways that they work with independent music businesses, increasingly moving into so-called artist and label services. It then dissects the options now available to anyone who is releasing music, outlining the essential knowledge required before selecting any new partner for distribution and more.

You can sign up to download a free digital copy here:

The report follows the recent announcement of AIM’s Knowledge Partnership with the BBC, which was kickstarted with the launch of AIM’s ‘Start-Up Guide to Music Business’ at BBC Music Introducing LIVE at the end of October. The guide was downloaded over 1,000 times during the three-day event.

‘Distribution Revolution’ identifies eight challenges for the rightsholder community:
• Transparency issues relating to DSP deals
• Questions around the sharing of value from DSP deals
• Balancing upfront and long-term benefits
• The allure of the advance - is it worth it?
• The need to plan for an exit strategy
• The risks and complexities of competition with distribution partners
• The short and long term impact of new models in the market
The report concludes with a number of recommendations, including that the independent music community should:
• Agree on codes of conduct for rightsholder-distributor partnerships to make existing best practice become an industry standard
• Learn to identify the whole digital supply chain to increase transparency of choice
• Promote a distribution checklist to help all rightsholders make informed decisions when selecting distribution partners

Gee Davy, AIM’s Head of Legal & Business Affairs, says: “Anyone who wants to build a career or business in releasing music must find a route for the music to reach fans. Distribution is arguably the least understood aspect of releasing music, and yet a good distributor is key to maximising reach and financial return, and plays an essential part in its success, or failure, of a release. The report’s findings provide vital insights and knowledge which can be used to help musicians and music businesses, and their distributors to be better business partners.”

Simon Wills, Director, Absolute Label Services said: “With the distribution model in so many different forms, understanding what an individual needs and who can best deliver it for them is tricky. This report allows for an informed starting point.”

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