The MMF unveil new 'Dissecting The Digital Dollar' guide

News: 10th May 2019 by Louise Dodgson under Selling & Distributing Your Music

The Music Managers Forum have created a new ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ guide, covering info on how the streaming business works, how the music industry has licensed the digital platforms and how digital royalties flow through the system.

The guide also highlights the complexities of earning music from your music digitally, in particular the issues around cash flow to songwriters who receive their royalties up to years after a song has been released, whereas featured artists can be awarded royalties for the same song within weeks.

The guide costs £15, and the MMF also have a selection of other guides which can be downloaded for free, covering the basics of song royalties, fan data, and transparency. We highly recommend you check them out via the links below...

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Music Managers Forum release Dissecting The Digital Dollar guide on earning royalties from music streaming


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