IFPI unveil 2019 Global Music Report - Get your free copy!

News: 5th April 2019 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Music Training & Careers, Record Labels

Every year IFPI bestow us with their Global Music Report, full of insightful figures about the music industry. It's always worth a read and you can download a copy for free via the link below to bring yourself up to speed with the happenings in the worldwide music business.

Notably, IFPI's latest report confirms that streaming revenue grew by 34.0% and accounted for almost half (47%) of global revenue, driven by a 32.9% increase in paid subscription streaming. The report also details how record companies are investing in and supporting their artists, and how the label model is still crucial in breaking an artist.

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IFPI release Global Music Report 2019


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