SYNCR team with Rizing to offer Spotify playlisting opportunity for unsigned music

News: 29th March 2019 by Louise Dodgson under Selling & Distributing Your Music

Rizing… is a collection of Spotify playlists curated by the team at VGM&R, a Danish independent record label, artist management and playlist company based in Copenhagen.

They're looking for exciting new music across a selection of genres to feature on their playlists. You can submit your music for this opportunity via SYNCR Music. 

Whilst a couple of the playlist opportunities are open to free users of SYNCR, others you will need premium access for. But fear not... we have a discount code for Unsigned Guide users to get 1 free premium month with SYNCR.

Just use discount code unsignedguide19 at checkout.

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SYNCR Music offer Spotify playlisting opportunity for emerging bands and musicians


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