Earn Your Stripes to introduce work placement opportunities in live music industry for 18-25 year olds

News: 27th June 2018 by Louise Dodgson under Live, Music Training & Careers

Music Venue Trust is delighted to launch another initiative to support grassroots music venues to give young people opportunities to be part of the live music team at your local venue.

The Earn Your Stripes Bursary, funded by Red Stripe and administered by MVT, will enable 50 young people to be placed in internships ranging from lighting assistant and promoter to sound engineer at one of the hundreds of small venues across the UK.

Mark Davyd, CEO of MVT, said: “Creating the next generation of sound, lighting, booking and promotion staff is key to building Grassroots music venues' sustainability and to establishing a much needed succession plan – we want to make sure that the next generation of people running these venues have all the skills they need to create great shows for artists and audiences. We are delighted to have Red Stripe on board to deliver the much needed Earn Your Stripes programme to music venues.”

Izabela Glodek, from Red Stripe, added: “The music industry is one of the hardest industries to break into, and work experience is key. As huge supporters of live, grassroots music for many years, we know the importance of the whole crew – not just the band on stage. Working with Music Venue Trust means we can give 50 people invaluable experience providing them with skills they can use in their future careers.”

50 bursaries of up to £200 each are available to enable venues to support a short term internship in sound, lighting, marketing, promotion, booking or any other aspect of their live music offer.

To access a bursary, simply write to Music Venue Trust at [email protected] with a short description of how you will use the £200 to support an opportunity for a young person to be involved at your venue.

You can use the money to support you to create an internship position, or directly pay a young person for hours, or whatever you choose.

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Music Venue Trust and Red Stripe team up to provide bursary for work placements in live music industry


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