Music industry warned of decline in sector due to education cuts and gig venue closures

News: 27th July 2017 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Live, Music Training & Careers

During a speech at a Musicians' Union conference earlier this week, UK Music's chief executive Michael Dugher warned of a 'perfect storm' headed towards the UK's music business.

With the ongoing closure of gig venues around the country and lack of support for the grassroots, combined with the cutting of music from many school curriculums, Dugher is absolutely right to be concerned. The future of the arts and music is a vital part of the UK's economy.

Dugher said: “This grim reality potentially puts in jeopardy the UK’s ability in the future to generate breakthrough artists that are one of the keys to sustaining Britain’s £4.1 billion music industry.”


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UK Music warn of 'perfect storm' due to venue closures and cuts in music education


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