Labels for the ladies! Female-led record labels take off as artists choose to keep creative control

News: 6th June 2017 by Louise Dodgson under Record Labels

Releasing music through your own record label is a choice that many more established artists opt for these days, and taking into account the factor that you can maintain control over your own masters and also have the ultimate creative control over how you choose to present and promote yourself, it's clear to see why it is a very attractive option.

An upsurge in female-led record labels has also brought up new considerations in how artists are promoted, the freedom of which can vary hugely for female artists in comparison to male artists, with women more likely to be advised on what to wear, even down to physical appearance and dress size. As Paulette Long, Director of PRS For Music, says:

"Female musicians can get pigeonholed by bigger labels. The label wants to portray you in a slightly different way to how you want to be portrayed. That happens with men and women, but definitely more so with women..It may be that your music is compromised as well, which is why quite a lot of people are taking the independent route.” 

Read the link below for the extremely thought provoking article in The Guardian today on fair representation within the recording industry, and focusing on Little Boots who has walked away from a major label deal to set up her own record company, and Saffron Records, a label created by women, purely for female musicians...

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