Bots banned as secondary ticketing market undergoes investigation

News: 17th November 2016 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Live

Many have spoken out about the secondary ticketing market for years now, branding its actions and operations corrupt and directly ripping off fans of music, sports, theatre and more. This week the House Of Commons hosted a Select Committee gathering looking into secondary ticketing and out of this came the decision to ban bots, used by touts to snap up large numbers of in-demand tickets as they go on sale, allowing them to be re-sold at a higher price further down the line.

This is a huge stride in reforming the secondary ticketing market and with plans to further investigate, hopefully involving Culture Secretary Karen Bradley on the issue, it could even eventually see it being completely banned - a move which the Italian government is currently debating. Get the full lowdown on these developments via the links below...

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House of Commons bans bots as secondary ticketing market undergoes investigation


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