Free ToutsOut Guide launched for artists & managers to help tackle ticket touts

News: 14th September 2016 by Louise Dodgson under Artist Managers, Live

The battle against ticket touts has been ongoing for many years now but has recently been talked about more as the music industry urge the government to intervene and do more to put a stop to touts and secondary ticketing.

The MMF (Music Managers Forum) and FanFair Alliance have joined forces to produce a free guide for artists and music managers to help them tackle online ticket touting. It includes 10 tips to beat the touts and some useful case studies for reference.

Get your free copy via the link below, and whilst you're at it, you can read up on some of the latest articles about secondary ticketing and why it's important for the government to address this issue.

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ToutsOut guide for artists and music managers to beat ticket tout created by FanFair Alliance and The MMF


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