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News: 27th July 2016 by Louise Dodgson under Live

Mondo.NYC is a new festival, business summit and community that celebrates groundbreaking performers, while connecting innovators in music, technology and content in a shared mission to empower artists and revolutionise the music industry through technology. The first annual Mondo.NYC festival and business summit will be held 14th-18th September, 2016, in New York City.

Mondo selects from among the world’s best and brightest artists for up close and personal performances in music venues and alternative spaces in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg. For 5 days and nights, fans experience dynamic live music in venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn from a curated selection of groundbreaking performers from around the world. Whether a newcomer or a musician on the precipice of success, artists from multiple contemporary music genres will showcase at Mondo.NYC. Artist submissions for Mondo.NYC are now open in partnership with Music Glue until 2nd August, 2016. Apply to play via the Music Glue links below...

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Bands and artists can apply to play at music conference event Mondo NYC through Music Glue


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