PRS For Music & PPL join forces for public performance licence

News: 5th February 2016 by Louise Dodgson under Music Publishing, Record Labels

The UK's royalty collection societies PRS For Music (collecting music publishing royalties associated with songwriting) and PPL (collecting royalties associated with the recording of a song) have come together to simplify public performance licences.

A public performance licence is needed by an establishment which airs music, for instance, a shop playing recorded music for the benefit of their customers or an office where the employees listen to the radio. Usually 2 licences are required for public performance of music - one ensuring songwriters receive their royalties from PRS For Music, and the other from PPL ensuring those who paid for the recording, usually a record label, also receive their royalties.

Taking effect shortly, this will now be combined into one licence for public performance and PRS For Music and PPL will split the royalties accordingly from there. Find out more about the proposed plans in the links below.

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