Beggars Banquet review revenues paid to their artists due to streaming

News: 9th May 2014 by Louise Dodgson under Record Labels, Selling & Distributing Your Music

The amounts paid by music streaming services such as Spotify have caused many a heated discussion in recent years. Most artists feel they are awarded a decent royalty from this method. Most recently in the streaming headlines is record label Beggars Banquet who have always offered their artists a 50/50 split on revenues but reflecting changes in the proportion of revenue they receive from streaming, have had to review this split.

Although a new split has not been confirmed by label boss Martin Mills, he confirms it will be "significantly higher than the regular rate" but needs to take into account covering the label's outgoings which is seemlingly not as easily done when streaming becomes the core revenue stream, bringing in less money than more traditional methods of music consumption did. Read all about it via the link below...  


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