Help save Trillians Rock Bar

News: 6th November 2013 by Louise Dodgson under Live

Trillians Rock Bar has been a stalwart of the Newcastle live music scene for over 30 years so we are sorry to hear of its sudden closure due to parent company The Bramwell Pub Company has had to call in the administrators. However, there could be hope as the news has generated a huge response with a Facebook page to Save Trillians gathering over 12,000 likes in 72 hours.

An online petition has now been set up for supporters to sign so please do your bit - links to both the petition and Facebook page can be found below. Newcastle may not be your home town or even hold any relevance to you at all, but the closure of established gig venues such as Trillians does have a detrimental knock-on effect to the UK's live music circuit. So take a minute to save a chunk of what makes the UK great! 

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