Live & Unsigned under investigation

News: 23rd March 2012 by Louise Dodgson under Live

National competition for unsigned bands and artists, Live & Unsigned, is under investigation by the Advertising Standards Agency following a complaint filed by previous winners Underline The Sky who claim they did not receive the prizes they were promised. There has long been debate over these forms of talent competition and how much bands entering can hope to gain from the experience, but whatever your thoughts on the topic we would always recommend that you thoroughly research any endeavour you are thinking of getting involved with.
And here's a valid point is made by 2010 winners The Lottery Winners about their experience of the competition: "If I'm asked, which I often am, if I would recommend a band to enter Live and Unsigned I'd say, 'Of course you should, but don't expect to just become famous overnight, even if you win it, because it just doesn't work that way'." 
This quote is taken from the BBC's article below, check it out for further reading...

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