Could traffic light system be introduced to filesharing sites?

News: 26th August 2011 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Music Publishing, Record Labels, Selling & Distributing Your Music

The web is full of downloadable material to get your hands on; music, film, software. Not to mention thousands upon thousands of torrent sites where you can locate what you're looking for, so it could be easy for someone to innocently stumble upon an illegal filesharing site. PRS For Music want to eliminate any uncertainty on the internet about which sites are legal and which aren't by introducing a traffic light system. Search results will display with either a green tick or red cross next to them, depending upon whether they you are safe to download from them, or you will be breaking the law.

Will this idea be implemented? PRS For Music hope so by the end of the year, but questions have been raised as to whether the traffic lighting system will deter illegal downloaders anyway, and also if illegal torrent sites could tamper with their red cross and magically turn it into a green tick. They are able to conceal IP addresses and the like to disguise their identity so it's likely they would be able to work their way around this obstacle.

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