Improving the digital music experience

News: 15th August 2011 by Louise Dodgson under Artist Managers, Finance, Law & Music Business, Record Labels

As the music industry realises that digital sales aren't going to neatly replace the revenue once brought in from physical album and single sales, it has to be willing to open itself up to new ways of making money and diversification is the key.

Below are a couple of articles, the first by Billboard which draws on the statistics recently reported by PRS For Music and heralds the need for music businesses to broaden their horizons in order to continue to thrive in times when recording sales are dropping. The second article from Music Think Tank is a great set of suggestions to help reignite the magic of a physical album, but through a digital format. If more consideration was put into digital music products then perhaps consumers would be more willing to part with their cash, rather than opt to download for free.



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