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News: 26th May 2011 by Louise Dodgson under Media, Selling & Distributing Your Music

Amazing Media (incorporating amazingtunes and DAB station Amazing Radio) has today announced an extraordinary deal for artists, which will redefine the way musicians get paid for their work in future. Amazing has enhanced its download platform and will pay the artist an unprecedented 100% of the revenue from their music. 

This is simply the best deal for an artist currently available. Amazing’s competitors such as iTunes, Bandcamp, AWAL, Topspin and reverbnation levy subscription charges and/or take a significant percentage for download sales.

It costs the artist nothing to upload songs to the amazingtunes site and any money paid for downloads of those songs will go direct to the artist (downloads will cost a standard 79p per track if the artist chooses to charge for it – there is also an option to give away songs for free). 

Amazing has also developed a widget player that enables the artist to market their music direct to fans virally on social networks, blogs & websites.

On top of all this, the artist also has the opportunity to be featured on Amazing Radio - the only national DAB & worldwide Internet radio station that is entirely programmed with new, emerging, breakthrough music.

If you think you have skillz on the mike, your garage band is the new Killers or you have a voice that could sing the birds out of the trees, simply create a new artist account on amazingtunes, upload your tunes, tell all your friends via Facebook, Twitter et al, listen to your songs on Amazing Radio and watch the royalties roll in!

Amazing Media (incorporating amazingtunes and DAB station amazingradio)  is a British digital media company based in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, whose disruptive model provides an artist-friendly new platform for emerging musical talent.  These brands work together to offer the unique and ethical artist proposition of digital music retail & streaming service, combined with a DAB & Internet radio station that is entirely programmed from repertoire uploaded by the artists themselves. 

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