Why small venues struggle to survive

News: 26th November 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Live

Every band or artist, no matter how massive, once upon a time made their live debut in a small, independent venue. This week we heard that yet another of these independent venues was to close down, this time the Luminaire in London. Venues really have felt the pinch this year with some well known gig haunts across the UK sadly shutting down; Cardiff Barfly, The Flowerpot in London, and the 100 Club, who are desparately trying to secure a sponsor to stay open into 2011.

But with live music being more healthy and thriving than sales of recorded music, where is the discrepancy occurring? Do people just not go to the small scale gigs anymore, and plough all their money into seeing more established acts at venues a bit further up the ladder? Or are the chain venues sponsored by the likes of O2 and HMV to blame? The article below takes a look at the problems faced by independent venues today.

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