Mashup! MySpace and Facebook join forces

News: 19th November 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Media, Selling & Distributing Your Music

Once crowned the king of social networking, MySpace had to rapidly shift over into the shadow of Facebook when it arrived on the scene. Although, MySpace still has many users, it has faced a large decline in numbers in recent years, and it seemed the only valid way of MySpace maintaining it's place in the social media stakes was to do something radical.

And that's just what has happened! MySpace and Facebook have come together to create an 'entertainment stream' called Mashup. Mashup will allow MySpace users to log into their Facebook account directly from MySpace and, in MySpace's own words 'easily create a personalised stream of entertainment content'. We will be interested to give this new feature a whirl, and ultimately see if it has the desired effect on MySpace's user base.

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