Eurosonic Noorderslag celebrates 25 years!

News: 20th September 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Music Training & Careers

Eurosonic Noorderslag is Europe's premiere live music industry conference and showcase festival for European talent, taking place in the picturesque university town of Groningen the Netherlands from 12th - 15th January 2011.

For this special 25th edition, Eurosonic Noorderslag is proud to present two keynote speakers from America. The first being Bob Lefsetz, whose provocative industry email newsletter provides an independent, sometimes visionary, take on the state of the music business around the world. And the second, US journalist Fred Goodman who has extensive knowledge of the industry and with his ability to access people "in the know", he has been dissecting the global music industry woes and exposing in details its colorful characters. Expect an hour full of revelations, provocative views and entertaining anecdotes with one of the music industry's foremost chroniclers.

The event will also start a day earlier on Wednesday 12th January and will feature the European Border Breakers Awards (open for all delegates) and the European Festival Awards (Festivals and Promoters only). Both events will take place in the evening. The conference starts on Thursday and during the three day program over 100 panels and meetings will address the current developments and state of affairs within the European music industry, focusing on European music, touring, festivals, the (live) music industry and media developments. The conference also features industry meetings by: Yourope, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP), The European Export Office(s) and Network Europe.

Norwegian artist success at Eurosonic:
Norway was chosen as focus country for Eurosonic 2010, with 22 acts performing showcases during the event and as a result more than 80 festival shows and 40 club shows and tours have been offered to the Norwegian artists. Several acts also ended up with agent representation in new territories and received massive press interest and radio airplay. At least 15 agent deals were signed during or after the event. This is especially important, as these deals will generate business for a longer period of time and has given artists a wide variety of valuable exposure, which in turn will increase the interest in Norwegian music in the European market.

One example of an act that obtained great results from Eurosonic 2010 is The Megaphonic Thrift. They were offered 8 festival shows and signed a deal with an agent for Europe, which in turn resulted in 35 shows. They also got UK radio airplay after the Eurosonic gig. Another example is the jazz-metal band Shining, who received 15 festival offers and two tours, in addition to massive mainstream press coverage and increased record sales in the Benelux territory.

This proves that Eurosonic has become a very important arena for Norwegian bands in alternative genres.

"Eurosonic is by far the most important European festival for people in the live music industry"  says Vegard Strømsodd of Amber Booking, who represented the five acts Shining, Audrey Horne, Rockettothesky, The Low Frequency In Stereo and Major Parkinson at Eurosonic 2010.

Artists that performed at Eurosonic 2010 were; Audrey Horne, Mari Boine, Diskjokke, Donkeyboy, Harrys Gym, I Was a King, Jarle Bernhoft, Kaizers Orchestra, Kvelertak, Major Parkinson, Marit Larsen, The Megaphonic Thrift, Monolithic, Noora Noor, Pony the Pirate, Rockettothesky, Serena Maneesh, Shining, Sivert Høyem, The Low Frequency In Stereo, Ungdomskulen, Wardruna.

Register for EuroSonic Noorderslag:
To attend Eurosonic Noorderslag as a conference delegate you need to be registered.  Registration rates go up as the event gets closer, so book early and save!  To register click here

Rates & deadlines:
All Early Bird passes are sold out
Medium       € 235    register before 15 October
Late            € 275    register before 17 December
Walk-up      € 295    from 17 December onwards

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