Feargal shares concerns over Licensing Act

News: 20th September 2010 by Louise Dodgson under

One-time frontman of The Undertones, these days Feargal Sharkey is the Chief Executive of UK Music and spends his days promoting, lobbying and developing our country's music business.

Feargal has written a guest article for The Independent today where he shares his positive hopes for the UK music industry. However, he does bring up his constant bone of contention, the Licensing Act, which he sees as a significant obstruction to the progress of musical talent in this country. Read what he has to say in full via the first link below.

Whilst live music may be suffering at the hands of the Licensing Act, another article we came across today certainly shows that live music isn't suffering from the impact of the internet. Well, broadcasted live music to be exact. The days of Top Of The Pops may be far behind us now, but there is still plenty of live music being aired on the web. Check out the second link below to find out how the internet has saved the day in terms of live music broadcast.

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