How HMV has moved with the times

News: 6th September 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Selling & Distributing Your Music

Once upon a time HMV was a high street chain, competing with the likes of Virgin/Zavvi, Our Price, Fopp, Borders, not to mention many more independent record stores than are on the scene these days. You nipped in to buy a CD over the counter, and probably picked up a few more CDs than you intended whilst you were in there!

A lot has changed since then, and whilst you can always nip in to peruse CDs, HMV has a lot more under its belt. It has stayed afloat whilst other high street rivals have fallen along the wayside. It has bought out and re-opened Fopp, taken a stake in the realms of live music venues, as well as purchasing book retailers Waterstones. Is HMV too big for its boots now?

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