Faithless and Fiat - a winning combination for the new music biz?

News: 10th August 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Creative & Branding

Rather than turn to a record label for funding, Faithless have decided to do something a little different to promote their latest album and have struck a deal with Fiat. Quite simply explained by Faithless frontman Maxi Jazz 'They want to sell cars and we want to sell music...' Makes sense to me!

Look out next week during the TV adverts for clips of a Fiat Punto Evo accompanied by Faithless' video for 'Feelin' Good'. Fiat are even bringing out a snazzy sports edition of their new model called...'Feelin' Good'. Apparently, no money has changed hands between Fiat and Faithless, and they will just be enjoying some valuable cross-promotion.

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