In Rainbows under RIAA and IFPI wraps

News: 6th August 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business, Record Labels, Selling & Distributing Your Music

Radiohead's release In Rainbows was a bit of a revolution for the music world. The band shirked major record companies and released the album online, requesting fans to pay whatever price they liked. And despite this approach, the band claimed that this release brought in the most revenue over all their previous albums.

However, we may be slightly mistaken to marvel at this feat carried out by Radiohead and what, at the time, seemed like a shift in the business model used in the recording industry. Further down the line the album was released physically through major labels Warner and Sony. Hence anti-piracy establishments IFPI and RIAA have stepped into action sending takedown notices  to those who have been sharing In Rainbows online.

Which in a way defeats the original objective of what Radiohead hoped to achieve. What do you think?

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