Social Media and the top 20 artists

News: 12th July 2010 by Stef Loukes under Media

A report published by Social Media agency Famecount reveals some quite interesting statistics from the world of social media, and how the top 20 musicians and artists are using it. 

The main conclusions? As we reported last week, the decline of MySpace is extremely apparent - the majority of artists whom a few years ago were gracing the front page with 'takeover' adverts, are now finding it difficult to update their MySpace blogs at all. A handful of artists updated once this year, as well as more who haven't even updated since November last year.

As well as MySpace, there has been a huge move towards Facebook and Twitter - which is unsurprising if we look to general shifts in Social Media uptake. Artists like Shakira, Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy all find updating their Twitter accounts quite easy, however seem to lack in engagement, preferring to push people to other official sites and messageboards.

The main conclusion? The top 20 artists are simply that not only down to their online social media marketing strategy, but because they are pretty much the biggest 20 artists in the 'offline' world too. Plaudits go to artists further down the chain, such as Imogen Heap, who constantly bring new innovative ideas in using and engaging in Social Media.

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