Coca-Cola succeed with World Cup 'sonic branding' exercise

News: 12th July 2010 by Stef Loukes under Creative & Branding

If you didn't know already, 'sonic branding' has been with us for years, even decades now. What is it? In simple terms, it can be described as an 'aural equivalent of the graphic logo' and for companies, it can mean big business. Coca-Cola have been slipping in their very own sonic branding into recently successful music artist K'naan's World Cup song 'Wavin' Flag'; to the unwitting ear you wouldn't think anything was going on in the tune - but at closer inspection, Coca-Cola have snuck in their very own 'jingle' to help promote the brand.

As well as helping K'naan on his very own tour to help push the tune, Coca-Cola have openly admitted they will be helping him with his future career in music. Even though bands and brands have been linking up more than ever in recent years, does this marketing exercise show a different tact from a large multi-national brand... the world of subliminal adverting in music?


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