BPI knock on Google's door

News: 22nd June 2010 by Louise Dodgson under Finance, Law & Music Business

In their continued steps since the implementation of the Digital Economy Bill to fight piracy the BPI, the body representing the UK's recording industry, have contacted Google to request the search engine giant removes links to popular filesharing services.

Some have argued in the past that the BPI's actions will only succeed in driving filesharing underground at which stage the organisation will be unable to track down filesharers, making them unable to take action over piracy. And it seems the BPI may now have a new problem on their hands as the realm of mobile music is also feeding the filesharing problem with applications for illegally downloading tracks starting to emerge.

And with Google's plans to open a music download store in the pipeline for 2011, perhaps the first service which is likely to come anywhere close to rivalling iTunes, they will be keen to resolve any issues with the music industry body.

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