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Let’s be honest, selling merch online can be a daunting task. Without the help of someone who knows the game it’s almost impossible. So many things to check off. Having to think about setting up a shop, product selection, artwork (branding), fulfilment and choosing the right platform. For someone like you who wants to perform or share great content, these are not the right things to focus on. And doing all of this by yourself will end up in disappointment and being a waste of time. Here’s where Merch.Music, may be able to help out. From what we can see they’ve built one of the easiest solutions to selling merch online. Making merch easy and accessible.

Here’s what Merch.Music say:

“It’s our mission to enable artists, early-stage to established, to sell Merch directly to fans all across the world with zero risk, stock or commitment. Any artist can generate revenue in minutes with no upfront costs."

Fire up your own personalised merch store
There’s a lot to take care of if you’re to operate your merch process professionally, that’s before you even get to fulfilment (i.e. getting the orders out to your fans!). You’ll obviously need a logo and other design assets so Merch.Music will fire up your personalised ‘artist’ store in a matter of days. High quality and sustainable tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and tank-tops are available and ready to sell instantly. It seems the Merch.Music solution is a fully functional ecommerce store with all the benefits of today's technology and an easy to use checkout system for converting fans into buyers. You just keep doing what you love; playing and making amazing music. And here’s the bit we especially like, it’s FREE to use. You can get in touch with Music.Merch here for more information and any questions you might have.

Start spreading the word
Yep, you’re up & running and ready to sell so now it’s time to spread the word. Once your store is set-up, just copy & paste any product URL from your artist store and share it across your social media channels (or any other medium) and activate your follower base. Get your brand out there and make some money. We especially like that bit!

Making money from your merch

There are loads of options when it comes to picking which products to sell. We’ve listed some of the obvious ones below but the great thing is that you don’t have to gamble which stock to buy-in, let Merch.Music look after that for you, simply pick from their catalogue of top-notch products. And they say sustainability is at their core, so they are focused on offering eco-friendly products. Making money and taking care of the environment, a nice combo.

Tank Tops
Phone cases
Music accessories
Face masks

Check out the full Merch.Music catalogue

What, with perks as well?
So, if you decide to sell your band merch through Merch.Music let’s just recap on those perks:

Zero risk, zero stock & zero commitment
100% printed on demand
Local production and fulfilment
Sustainable product range
New and consistent cash flow
Set your own pricing

Wait no more; the Merch.Music solution is FREE to use. Just drop them an email with your questions and their Artist Success Team will contact you as soon as possible to set up your artist store.

Do it yourself
Interested in creating a full Shopify shop yourself? They’ve also got a fully functional solution ready to help you do that. Check out their webpage, install the Shopify App, add products, upload your artwork and publish to your store.

So in their words, Merch.Music - Making.Merch.Effortless. Sounds like something worth checking out and hey if you can make some extra money in these crazy times then even better. But whilst we wait for the world to open up again, why not get your band merch store up-and-running in time for when we’re all back on the road again?!


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