Why is insurance useful if I’m not gigging?

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This blog is contributed by Allianz Musical Insurance, the UK’s No. 1 musical instrument insurer.

As social distancing continues across the UK, many musicians are continuing to practice, teach, record and produce at home. It’s still important to keep your instruments and equipment protected whilst at home. If you’re covered it means you can get straight back to doing what you love when venues reopen and you’re able to get back to gigging, recording or teaching.

No matter how careful you are with your instrument and equipment, accidents are unavoidable.
As the UK’s No.1 musical instrument insurer, we’ve seen a rise in accidental damage incidents. A door might be opened onto your guitar, a keyboard knocked off its stand or coffee spilled onto your studio laptop. Being at home, where more people may be around or where you may be more tempted to leave your instrument out, means that more accidents can happen. Make sure you’re not caught out and stuck with an expensive bill if the worst happens.

Repairs and replacements can cost a lot of money.
When an unfortunate accident happens, we know that paying out for repairs and replacements can cost a lot of money. Whether that’s over £150 for a service on your drum kit or £700 to fix a damaged MacBook, or it might even be thousands to find a replacement for your guitar or bass. Why risk it? With Allianz Musical Insurance, we’ve got you covered.

During this time we know that there is extra worry due to the current restrictions, so here’s a few things to consider if your instrument needs a repair:

* Phone your local music shop to check they are still open for repairs

* Are you able to arrange a drop off/pick up time for your instrument with your repairer? We’re now covering postage costs to allow you to send your instruments and equipment to repairers while still keeping safe yourself. 

Tips for avoiding accidental damage
Make sure to put your instrument away – we know it can be easy to leave it out after a day of practicing.

* Consider putting signs on doors so people in your household know when your kit is out.
* Try not to leave your instruments in cramped spaces to avoid being knocked over or damaged by other objects.

* Keep food and drink away from all instruments and equipment.

* Use surge protectors if you’re using a lot of electrical devices, such as amps etc.

* Try to avoid attempting to fix it yourself as this could cause more damage - we know how tempting it can be to do this, but it’s always worth getting a professional to take a look.

* Having musical instrument insurance – so you’re not stuck with an expensive bill for a repair or replacement.

Here’s how we’ve helped some of our customers during the Covid-19 crisis:

“I found your telephone operator very helpful, informative and comforting at a very stressful time with the breakage and Covid-19.”

We recently helped a customer whose daughter was practicing their violin at home and while holding it a door opened and the handle hit the front of the violin and cracked it.

We know just how devastating it can be when accidents like this happen. With our cover the customer was able to get the violin repaired, and we also covered the depreciation of the instrument due to the damage.

“All round excellent service, especially given the current circumstances.”

Our cover extends to laptops, computers, tablets, phones and more - so all of your kit is protected no matter what happens.

We recently helped a customer in lockdown who was working in their studio at home. With our cover the customer was able to get their laptop repaired quickly and only had to pay the £100 computer equipment excess – there’s no excess on instrument claims.

“When disaster struck, your team made the whole experience less traumatic than I thought it was going to be. The team was efficient, friendly and prompt.”

Accidents can happen at any point and we know how important it is to get back to playing as soon as possible.

A customer recently contacted us who unfortunately had to get a replacement for their double bass due to the damage. The customer was at home and carrying their double bass and tripped and fell and damaged the neck. With our cover we were able to help the customer get the replacement instrument they required.

Get 2 months free musical instrument insurance*

Protect your instruments while at home with Allianz Musical Insurance
Allianz Musical Insurance are committed to supporting UK musicians during this time. That’s why we’re giving all new customers 2 months free musical instrument insurance when you buy a yearly policy online!*

We’re the UK’s No.1 musical instrument insurer, with 60 years of experience in insuring what really matters to musicians.

What does Allianz Musical Insurance cover?

Why Allianz?

We’ve reviewed and amended aspects of our cover
We wanted to remind you that we are here just in case an accident happens:

* We're still able to fully assess and process claims despite lockdown.

* We’re now covering postage costs to allow you to send your instruments and equipment to repairers so you can stay safe.

* Changes to your policy are free of charge! You could opt for lower levels of cover at the moment and then change levels of cover in the future when needed.

Terms and conditions apply. * 2 months free only applicable when you buy a policy online. For the first year you will only make 10 payments. Subject to our minimum premium.


Allianz Music Insurance explain why is insurance useful if you're not gigging or playing live


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