5 Things Every Unsigned Band Needs To ‘Get Big’!

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This blog is contributed by Insure4Music, a specialist music insurance provider offering policies that have been built with the needs of groups, bands and artists in mind. We’ll keep you playing with our pitch perfect cover, whenever, wherever you perform.

There are many different elements to piece together to solve the puzzle of making it ‘big’ as a band. Many have tried and fallen short for a variety of different reasons. Some get too big for their boots too soon, whilst others just simply aren’t good enough. For most, it’s just that final missing piece of the puzzle. 

Remember, being respectful and friendly will take you much further than being superior and entitled (at least until you really have made it)! Here are five key elements we believe are needed for your unsigned band to ‘get big’:

Passion is arguably the most important element of a band. If you aren’t in love with the music you’re producing, then don’t bother! If you are serious about making your mark – live and breathe your music. Supply is a lot greater than demand and there are countless other bands in your area looking to make their mark. It’s really tough to get a break these days – so if your passion is anything short of relentless, then you need to fix up!

2. Talent
You may have a tangible desire to make waves as a band, but having desire is not usually enough to create a unique sound that leaves people wanting more. It’s definitely not true that only the most talented bands go places. But the bands that combine skill and passion are always the ones that stand the best chance. 

It’s important to know your strengths and ‘play’ to them as much as possible (as well as knowing your weaknesses and steering clear of them). For example, if your guitarist is a superb shredder, except when he’s power sliding across a dirty pub floor – then let him know that he’s spoiling the show!

3. Fans
All unsigned bands that have made a name for themselves have something in common. They created a following – maybe the following even formed themselves! But one thing is for sure, if people love your music and come back for more, they become a fan of yours! It is these ‘fans’ that help your band’s following grow by telling their friends, who then come and see you, love it – and the bandwagon gathers pace!

The more fans you impress each time, the more people will hear about you and therefore – more and more fans will be at your next shows.

4. Luck
Ever heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well, it’s very true for many aspects of life and the music industry is no different. Nevertheless, there is definitely a huge slice of luck involved when a band ‘makes it big’. In most instances, it’s a case of playing a gig in the right venue, at the right time and being heard by someone influential within the industry. 

If you don’t know anybody ‘in the know’, it’s vital that you play as many live gigs as possible. Believe it or not, Oasis probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a huge chunk of luck. Alan McGhee of Creation Records spotted Oasis at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow in 1993, as they supported a girl band that shared their rehearsal space in Manchester. McGhee went along with his girlfriend and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, be passionate, be talented, and be lucky! Easy, right?

5. Specialist Music Insurance
Specialist music insurance is essential for bands of all sizes, age and abilities.

You’re probably already aware that most venues you play at will ask for proof of your Public Liability cover. This cover is there just in case you injure someone or cause damage to the venue whilst playing. Insure4Music’s Public Liability cover starts from just £20 a year and we’ll send you a certificate instantly to your phone.

Theft, loss and damage of instruments is also really common these days. Most instruments can’t be traced to their owners so they’re really easy to sell online or at auctions – making bands a big target for theives. With Insure4Music’s equipment cover if your gear is lost, stolen or damaged we’ll replace it New-for-Old for up to 3 years or 18 months for laptops. So in the event the worst happens you can have your gear replaced quickly. And cover starts from just £25 a year.

Don’t take the risk and take out specialist music insurance today>>


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