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Keep up to date with our Amazing Radio monthly playlists here featuring the best emerging and unsigned music. You can listen back to past radio shows here. Our monthly Spotlight radio show plays the latest selections from our Spotlight blog, and new releases from bands and artists we've featured over the years. Find out more about how to get featured on our Spotlight blog and radio show here.

Before She Calls – ‘0SEVEN9’ 
The Shrives – ‘Madnight’
Malaika – ‘Beat Out Of Time’
Hey Bulldog – ‘Divide & Conquer’
FAITALA – ‘Forty One’ 
Mark Lawless – ‘Cayien’
Oktoba – ‘Run’ 
Illusion – ‘Something New’ 
Kubalove – ‘All I Want’
Black Orchid Empire – ‘Come In’ 
Flies+Flies – ‘Milk & Peppers’ 
Ever – ‘Bittersweet’ 
Kid Cupid – ‘Broken Down’ 
I, The Lion – ‘Override System’ 
Katie Mac – ‘Eye To Eye’

Desperate Journalist – ‘Hollow'
LEAO – ‘Lucid Dreams’
Shy Nature – 'Eyes So Cold'
Leena Ojala – 'Hey Ya'
Ziegler Co. – ‘Clarity’
Rood – ‘Obsessed’
Mums – ‘Little Did He Know’
DAHNA – ‘Fruit’ 
Fire Fences – ‘Eastern Avenue’ 
Gymnast – ‘Young Blood’ 
Schnarff Schnarff – ‘Flip The Cross’
Lee Gordon – ‘Ashes & Fire’
Basheba – ‘Shame’ 
The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost 
Echoic – ‘Messed Up Smiles’

Sweet Deals On Surgery – ‘The Snake & The Snoozer’  
Empathy Test – ‘Demons’
Mat Hunsley – ‘Dropping’ 
FAITALA – ‘Departures’ 
Liines – ‘Disappear’ 
Fortnight In Florida – ‘It’s Alright’ 
Gloo – ‘Let Me Have Some’ 
Playing House – ‘New Haircut’ 
Feed The Kid – ‘In The City’ 
Kizzy Crawford – ‘Jungle’ 
Marsicans – ‘Absence’ 
Soham De – ‘Unstill’ Live version 
La Bete Blooms – ‘Breaking In’  
Wyldest – ‘Wanders’ 
Fears Chella – ‘Cool’

Cherryade – ‘Fractured 
Acre Tarn – ‘4.30’ 
Climbing Trees – ‘Tracks’ 
Kelvin – ‘Psycho’ 
Three Dimensional Tanx – ‘Son Of Go’ 
Sol Flare – ‘Not Holding On’  
Caroline – ‘Pretty 
Delta Palms – ‘In Dreams’ 
Where Fires Are – ‘Your Brother’ 
Kid Cupid – ‘Siren’ 
Jamie Hamilton – ‘Idolology’ 
GT Solo - ‘Near U’
High Tyde – ‘Speak’  
Area 52 – ‘Peace'
Michael Mormecha – ‘Mix Tapes’

Ivory Wave – ‘Club’ 
Violetic – ‘Figure It Out’  
Of Empires – ‘Baby Darlin’ Sugar’ 
Harry Pane – ‘Changing’  
Basheba – ‘Come Back To Me’  
The Bear Around Your Neck – ‘Wingmender’ 
The Lottery Winners – ‘Young Love’ 
La Bete Blooms – ‘Nothing Left But The Taste’ 
Ella On The Run – ‘Walk Away’
Jungle Brown – ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ 
Mouses – ‘Hollywood’ 
Ellie M Griffiths – ‘Sweet’  
CaStLeS – ‘Foresteering’  
Bosco Ramos – ‘SNKSWM’
Fickle Friends – ‘Cry Baby’


JULY 2016
Sweet Deals On Surgery – ‘100% Hitler Free’ 
STEVE – ‘Emergency Art Rate’
Isobel Anderson – ‘Little Sounds Of Pain’ 
Ever – ‘Silence Is Petty, Bitter’s Not Pretty’
False Advertising – ‘Give It Your Worst’ 
Mowbird – ‘We Sell Maternity Swimwear’ 
Gareth Esson – ‘Almost Something’ 
Gwen & The Good Thing – ‘See My Girl’ 
SEAWAVES – ‘Titles’ 
West Of The Sun – ‘Trip On A Turntable’ 
Shakedown Stockholm – ‘Nothing Like Abel’ 
Marsicans – ‘Far Away (Suadade)’ 
Popobawa – ‘Go Home’ 
James Holt – ‘Oh Butterfly, Do Not Yet Float Away’ 
Vulgarians – ‘Lost Sanity Smiles’


Playlists for the monthly Spotlight radio show by The Unsigned Guide on Amazing Radio


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