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Here at Aurovine, one question we are constantly asked is "How do I promote my music to the right people?....."
Good question. And it’s not easy nor will it ever be until you are one of the top 5% of the world’s most sought after acts who only need to be visible to the paparazzi to get a their picture in the national papers….or better still across the worlds social media platforms.
The short answer is ‘pay for it’ but as most independent labels struggle for a PR budget what chance does the independent artist have?! Of course, you could always do it yourself but where do you start? And as it seems that we have all tried promoting our own ‘event’ on Facebook, it is often a time consuming struggle to fill the venue on the opening night of your tour. So you need help and if you want to get help there isn't a lot else you can do except ‘pay for it’ and so the vicious circle continues.
If you are serious about your music, you need to follow this simple guide:

Set aside a budget for PR
A monthly budget or an annual budget, whatever is easiest, and make sure you are prepared to invest in selling yourself. If you are not prepared to invest money in your promotion, why would the label that you hope to be signed by spend money on you?
Create a campaign around a good story
It may be your next single release or a tour, preferably both, but make sure you start promoting 2 to 3 months in advance of the release or tour dates.

Be consistent
There's no point in doing it once or twice, it needs to be a constant process for you to eventually breakthrough to the right people. Target the right audience – don’t just send out to all your friends on Facebook. Find the right music groups and online forums that deal in your genre and make friends.
Of course you don’t have to do it all yourself. Aurovine has all the tools to help you do that, all from one login. We have created a range of affordable PR packages to help you reach the places DIY PR just cannot reach.
Our promotional packages can be used by independent artists and labels as standalone packages to help you promote a gig, tour, release OR you can sign up to our worldwide distribution and publishing option to manage everything from one convenient platform.
We even let you sell high quality audio (WAV, FLAC or MP3 – 320kbps files) directly to fans from our own cutting edge music platform 


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