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Welcome to “Be D1 and Only!” - Courtesy of our friends at Sennheiser, here’s your chance to win prizes including a new set of Sennheiser D1 microphones.

Here is your mission: for the launch of Sennheiser’s new evolution wireless D1 microphone series, they are looking for the most creative cover versions of the 90s classic “The One & Only” by Chesney Hawkes. Whether you do it in the style of a power ballad, hip hop or go for a traditional take, submit your cover and show us what you’ve got! So, here’s how to get involved….

1. Have a listen to the original, here it is on YouTube

2. Let it inspire you, then create your own cover version of the song.

3.   Make a video to accompany your version of “The One and Only” and upload it to YouTube.

4.     Register at and include the link to your YouTube video.

5. Be sure to tell your friends, family and fans about “Be D1 and Only” so they can vote for your cover version. The 20 covers with the most votes will make it to the final. 

Here's what you can win!
The first 20 videos on the website will each receive an evolution wireless D1 Vocal Set for being so quick.

The same prize will be awarded to the top 10 based on the public’s vote, and the best 20 covers will move on to compete for the jury’s votes.

The jury is awarding 3 prizes: 2nd and 3rd place will win evolution wireless D1 sets for the band members (up to a maximum of 4 sets).

The top prize is a professional recording session and music video production for your cover, in addition to evolution wireless D1 sets for the band members (also up to a maximum of 4 sets). As we have booked 2 days in the recording studio, there will also be some time to record some of your own material.

Good luck!


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