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February is renowned for being the month of lovers and we’re pretty damn sure you’re going to love the 5 tracks we’ve expertly chosen for you this month. So let’s crack on…
Nishe – ‘You Got Me Blind’
Nishe are a three-piece from London consisting of Giovanni (lead vocals/guitar), Harold Wilson (bass/backing vocals) and Thomas Romer-Smith (drums/backing vocals).
They played their first note together in August 2013, immediately finding the perfect alchemy that made everyone understand that the band was a force to be reckoned with. The solid, tight and crunchy sound of these three young chaps with eclectic tastes perfectly matches the songs; a blend of catchy melodies and energetic riffs.
Somewhat unassuming in their simple appearance and barely out of their teens, they pack a visceral punch live with bucket loads of buzz and spirit. Their debut EP ‘This Is Nishe’ is available now and Thursday 13th February will see them play The Fiddlers Elbow in London. 

Ella On The Run – ‘Golden Boys’
Ella On The Run was born and raised in Zurich to a French and South African mother and a Swiss father; musicality ran in the family as her grandmother was a classical singer, which was what Ella initially focused on. After a few years of classical training, Ella started taking more of an interest in contemporary music. After leaving high school she went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston where she learnt from Grammy award-winning teachers.
Upon graduating from University, Ella moved to London to pursue a career in the industry while performing and hosting gigs throughout London. She recently written and recorded her debut EP with LA based producer Matt Bang and it’s set for release later this year.

I The Lion – ‘Icarus’
What do you get if you put a tattoo artist, a videographer and a lifeguard on a stage together and throw in a crate of Relentless? The answer is Cheltenham three-piece I, The Lion.  Their sound and energy, when let loose on stage, astounds audiences with many comparing them to acts twice their size such as the mighty Biffy Clyro. The balance of catchy hooks, brutal drums and roaring guitars sets them apart from the rest.
Formed in 2010 when Chris Evans (vocals/bass) joined with Elliot Withers (guitar/vocals) whilst at University, they began writing together and soon enlisted Nath Priday (drums/vocals) to complete the group. With over 1,000 downloads of their debut EP in its first month alone, they knew they had stumbled onto a winning formula together. 
The band have been away writing and recording their new EP ‘Run’ with producer Jason Wilson (Fightstar, Reuben, BlakFish, Ghost Of A Thousand). It is expected for release in mid 2014, with their new single available for free in February.

Sol Flare – ‘Silver Moon’
Dominic Wood was raised in Melbourne, Australia. He was first exposed to underground electronic music in 1995 by his brother, who returned from the UK with turntables and a collection of dance music records. Deeply influenced by this new sound he soon began making electronic/sequenced music with a free computer programme called ‘Making Waves’. He first began performing live during his brother Simon’s DJ sets in 1998. 
Since then Dominic has relocated back to London, studied Music Production & Sound Engineering, and DJ’d in bars and clubs throughout the capital.  Working solo during 2012 Dominic took full control of his vision for Sol Flare and developed his material and sound whilst searching for a vocalist. A particular sound and style began to materialise and by December that year he finally found a singer to work with, Sasha Rakhman, and so the spiky electronic duo Sol Flare as heard on ‘Silver Moon’ were formed.

Seven Summits – ‘Sooner Or Later’
From their origins as a Belfast band with a rotating membership, Seven Summits have firmly established themselves as one of the most exciting and consistent bands operating in Northern Ireland. Their debut album received much acclaim, given the first (and only!) BBC Introducing in Northern Ireland ‘Album of the Month’ award, as well as propelling them to the stage at Glastonbury in 2010. 
With a line-up consisting of Rory Nellis (guitar & vocals), Joe McGurgan (bass & vocals), Dominic Coyle (guitar,vocals & keyboards) and Joe Laverty (drums), the band have taken all that was great about them on their debut  release and multiplied it tenfold, creating a finely crafted second album; FOSSILS, from where our track features.
With shades of power pop bands like the Weezer and Grandaddy, the record captures that perfect interplay of guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, mixing it with the emotive and moving lyrics. 

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