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The latest music service on the block is Xarnia, a company created by musicians and former record label owners, and working for the interests of the artist. As well as providing music distribution, it also acts as a platform for emerging bands and artists, and they actively aim to propel talented acts onto bigger and better things. 
With competitive rates, plus a comprehensive free distribution package for those who can't or would prefer not to pay money up front to get their music out there, they have much to offer emerging bands hoping to get their music to the masses. Read on to find out what Xarnia can offer you!
What services can Xarnia offer to unsigned bands & artists?
Xarnia offers free and premium distribution, copyright protection, featured releases, mastering/level balancing; all at special Xarnia artist rates. We will soon be offering iPhone apps for artists and bands, plus cover song licensing.
What are the differences between free and premium options?
Our free distribution and premium distribution services offer free barcodes, free ISRC codes and distribution to the major stores like iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Spotify, and so on. The premium distribution comes with promotion, free featured release, chart registration, plus 250+ additional stores distributed to, including all the major mobile phone networks and genre specific stores.
So what distinguishes Xarnia from other digital distributors?
Xarnia has 300 stores in its partner list which is currently more than other services similar to ours. Also our premium pricing is around half the cost of most other services at £19.95 per album. We do not charge any subscription or ongoing fees for our service and we drop our commission rates from 25% for free distribution to just 10% for premium distribution. 
We also promote our premium distributed releases through our A&R podcast, through our social network sites and direct to record labels. Each artist gets their own page with their releases and social network buttons. The service operates like a record label, so our intention is always to promote the music and hopefully get record deals for our artists. We’ve successfully obtained record deals for several of our artists already and there’s record label interest in others.
Some of your best music is submitted to the Grammys…how does that work?
We choose the most promising releases on Xarnia, then submit them to the Recording Academy for consideration for whichever category they are entered into that year. We do this during July each year. We can do this because we operate more like a record label instead of an aggregator or distributor. Any artist on Xarnia could be considered for this, including free distribution users.
And you often run competitions for artists. Tell us about your latest one for April.
These are the options for April: 
Either choose to take an acapella song (from a choice of 3 songs - which are Xarnia distributed tracks) and create an original mix
Or choose to download 3+ samples from a sample pack and create an original track
To take part you need to join this SoundCloud group and upload your finished track
Download the samples and accapella tracks and view the competition rules via this link:
The outright winner across both options will get a Pro Tools/Interface bundle, plus their track released through Xarnia's premium distribution. They will also win a £40 Xarnia gift card.
2 runners up from each category (acapella and samples) will win a £20 Xarnia gift card and their track will be released through Xarnia's Premium Distribution.

For more information on Xarnia take a look at their website



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