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Finding a good artist or band manager is a key ingredient to balancing musical creativity alongside good old business sense. The Unsigned Guide contains contact details for over 275 UK artist managers, from the small-scale fifth member of the band types, to the larger music management companies. Search by all styles of music, as well as the city or region they are based in.

What's in an Artist Manager listing?

Find out how band managers prefer to receive demos so whether it's an MP3 via email or a CD in the post, you can be sure you’re making the right first impression. Our directory listings will also tell you the necessary contact details & name to send your music to, plus what styles of music each manager specialises in and details of artists they represent.

Everything you need to know about Artist Management

Whether you're in a band, or a manager yourself, it's important to know exactly what you're stepping into within the realms of music management. Our You & The Music Industry hub, full of practical advice, reports, facts & figures, will help you do just that.

We have invaluable information provided by the likes of Musicians' Union and the Music Managers Forum to offer assistance with topics such as commission, management contracts, territories and negotiation, as well as all other aspects of the music industry.

The Unsigned Guide covers 50 areas of the music business

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